Star scene

This type of sound system is ideal for large party rooms and is suitable for around 250 to 500 people.

Sound package
4 Towers x 1000w Rms 8 ohms 12″
4 Monitors x 600w Rms 8 ohms 12″
4 Subs x 500W Rms 8 ohm subwoofer 12″
4 Pro satellites of 400W Rms 8 ohms 10″
2 Power amplifier of 2*1000W Rms 8 ohms
4 Power amplifier of 2*500W Rms 8 ohms
2 power amplifier 2*350W Rms 8 ohms
1 sound equalizer 2*15 bands
1 mixer
2 DJ Controllers

In emergency reserve
2 power amplifier of 2*1000Rms

Your quality animation
This offer does not include DJ, play list and light games…
Each animation is different, enormous care is taken to offer you the best possibilities for quality animation

This type of offer is proposed for :

– For extra large private parties of 250 to 500 people and a medium/large party room.
– For small city concerts of 250 to 500 people and a very average broadcast area.
– For small social and political events of 250 to 500 people and a very large room.
– For support for the sound system of Artists for major shows.

As a general rule, we offer the possibility of choosing the music to play during meals and dancing music after meals.
We offer, on estimate, light bridge possibilities according to your needs.
We take care to guide you as well as possible to offer your guests a quality show.